Pennsylvania Optometrics accepts the following insurance plans at our office. Please call for details on covered benefits for your insured group.

  • VSP (Vision Service Plan)

  • Superior Vision

  • Aetna

  • Aetna Student Health (Penn and Drexel students)

  • VBA (Vision Benefits of America)


  • Davis Vision

  • Spectera Vision Benefits

    (CHOP Vision Plan)*

Some other plans allow reimbursement directly to you for out of pocket expenses, others allow for assignment of benefits with proper authorization and others require the use of certain frames, lenses or laboratories. Since insurance company authorization of benefits are not 100% accurate, you are responsible for any amounts which your insurance company does not pay within 60 days of claims submission.

Some insurance companies have taken over fabrication and/or provision of eyeglasses, however, we provide a superior combination of service, selection and craftsmanship. Even if an insurance company makes a pair of glasses for you, consider a genuine Pennsylvania Optometrics pair as well (special discounts may apply)!

*CHOP employees with Spectera benefits can file for reimbursement with an itemized receipt. Special discounts apply for CHOP employees!

Please contact us before your visit; and we will do our best to answer all of your insurance questions.

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